What in the world is Wicked Slush?

That's the $64,000 question, isn't it! Well, here's what it isn't:  It's not a sno-cone. It's not shaved ice. It's not an Icee. It's not even a Slushie! Here is what it is:  In New York, they call it Italian Ice. In Philly, they call it Water Ice. But in Boston, and now in Healdsburg & Petaluma, we call it SLUSH. Picture a snowball, of freshly fallen snow. Firm, but flexible. Firmly packed, but not hard. Moldable. Lickable. Now picture that snowball in the most beautiful raspberry pink. Or sunset orange. Or deep purple. And now imagine it tastes like ice-cold juicy watermelon. Or mango. Or black cherry. Or any of a dozen or more delicious flavors!

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Wicked Slush Petaluma is located at 122 American Alley, Suite B. If you're coming from Petaluma Boulevard just walk to the end of Helen Putnam Plaza and you'll see us on the left. If you're coming from Kentucky St. come down the stairs and hang a right.


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SLUSH.  Italian Ice. Water Ice. By any other name, it's still slush. The most refreshing frozen concoction you can imagine.  Lemon, black cherry, mango, blue raspberry, watermelon, strawberry lemonade, passion fruit, sour apple, margarita, peach, coconut, cotton candy.... and that's only the beginning!

Soft serve with a twist

Straus Organic Soft Serve. Because it's local. Because it's organic. But mostly because it is delicious. The usual suspects - chocolate, vanilla, and a twist. But the real twist is this: we'll take your chocolate and vanilla and raise you 25 more flavors! From apricot to watermelon and everything in between.

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Do the splits!

If you can't decide between slush and soft serve (and really, who can?!), we'll make you a split. Half slush, half soft serve, layered parfait-style. The Classic - Root beer slush with vanilla soft serve? Yes please! Or The Heavenly - Blackberry slush with apricot soft serve? 'Nuff said.

We change our menu daily, but we post our flavors every day on Facebook!

Slush & Soft Serve
Cool. Refreshing. Creamy. Dipped, sprinkled or waffled. Slush and soft serve. Every day and twice on Sunday. 

Available in 7 sizes:
Mini Pip, Pipsqueak, Regular,  Large, Wicked Big, Pint & Quart

1/2 slush & 1/2 soft serve layered parfait style.
Available in all sizes (Even Pints & Quarts!)

Waffle cone
Waffle bowls

Plain & Sample
A generous sample of each flavor we are serving the day you order one! Never Single and double available!

Waffle Bowls
Slushballs. Perfectly delicious flower-petals of slush resting on a bed of smooth and creamy soft serve ice cream, all nestled in a waffle bowl.  


Coke & Root Beer
Yerba Mate Tea


Want pickup or delivery?


Good news! You can order your slush online so that it's ready for you to just swing by and pick it up to go. No need to wait in line, come straight to the pickup window to get your slush.

We prefer if you park on the street and walk in to pick up, to help keep the alley clear for other slush fans enjoying their treats outside.


Want your slush at home and none of the hassle? We are also on Petaluma Food Taxi and DoorDash for all our slush fan's convenience.



Soft serve with a twist

Back East, it was Carvel. The creamiest, dreamiest, tallest, most improbable tower of soft serve ice cream, covered in chocolate magic shell. Remember? You had to crack through the shell to get to the goodness inside.

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Well, in Petaluma, we have Wicked. Creamy, dreamy, towering swirls of soft serve ice cream, made from local, organic Straus Family Creamery dairy. Now imagine this in not only chocolate or vanilla, but in any one of 26 different flavors! And that magic shell? How about 6 different flavors? How about this concoction sitting in a crunchy sweet waffle cone? Yep. That's how we roll at Wicked.

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do the splits

At Wicked Slush Petaluma, we completely understand if you can't decide between slush and soft-serve. Don't fret. You can have both! We call it a Split - half slush, half soft serve, layered parfait-style. The best of both worlds. Maybe a Root Beer Split - root beer slush layered with vanilla soft serve. 

You'll laugh in delight. Or a Cherry-Covered-Chocolate Split - cherry slush layered with chocolate soft serve (or vice versa if you're feeling wicked!). Or maybe you're craving a Caramel Apple? Sour apple slush with layers of caramel soft serve. How about the Round Mound - chocolate slush with coconut soft serve (or again, vice versa for the wicked of heart!). Or Tropical Cloud - mango slush with vanilla soft serve. Endless possibilities. Our ideas or yours. If you can think it up, we can serve it up! ​

Proudly serving

land and water coffee

Land and Water is a local, friend(ly) owned, coffee roasting company. They operate in Santa Rosa, and we are currently the only place in Petaluma that brews their coffee!

For thousands of years, the land and water have compelled adventures and lured mankind to explore the world’s seemingly infinite boundaries. It’s through bold exploration, that many of the earth’s hidden wonders have been uncovered—not the least of which is coffee. From land and water grows the tree and from it sprouts the humble coffee cherry. Now from seed to cup, Land and Water Coffee is dedicated to unearthing exceptional coffees and sharing them with you. Join us on this journey as we attempt to explore some of the best coffees from around the world. Godspeed. 


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Wicked Slush Petaluma is located at 122 American Alley, Suite B. If you're coming from Petaluma Boulevard just walk to the end of Helen Putnam Plaza and you'll see us on the left. If you're coming from Kentucky St. come down the stairs and hang a right.

Or give us a call @ 707.763.9253 (WCKD)


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